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Carl Sayres

Carl Sayres is a composer of new Jewish liturgical music and is passionate about traditional Eastern European nusach and davening. Carl loves sharing this passion with individuals, groups, and congregations. He strives to involve congregations in innovative davening experiences such as his T'filat Halev program, an intimate and participatory Yom Kippur service. Carl has also created "Avraham," a musical d'var Torah for Parshat Lech Lecha set to the opening from Hamilton, and three Purim Maariv services with the entire Maariv text set to the music of Les Miserables, Grease, and West Side Story. Carl's original compositions, which can frequently be heard at Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle, include the "Millennial V'shomru," which was selected for inclusion in the 2016 Shashelet Festival.