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Talya Gillman

Talya Gillman (she/her) yearns for a world in which all people experience dignity, freedom, and a sense of interconnectedness. She develops service-learning programs and curricula, planting seeds for the kinds of qualities and skills that, when cultivated, enable us to be effective, authentic agents in the work of liberation: curiosity, courage, self-awareness, integrity… Many experiences have helped distill these values: serving as a 2009–10 AJWS World Partners Fellow with Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust in Mumbai; receiving a 2014 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize for emerging Jewish educators; and completing a master’s in transformational leadership from Seattle University last year. In 2016, Talya and several friends formed Jews Undoing Institutionalized Racism, a diverse and growing collective of people “working to collaboratively and accountably undo racism within ourselves, our institutions, and our communities broadly, with Jewish tradition and history in heart and mind.”