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Mai Li Pittard

Miles (Mai Li Pittard, she/her or they/them) has been a freelance musician and performer serving the Seattle area since 2005. Holding a BM in composition from Florida State University, she drifted back toward the music of her youth, klezmer, in 2009 while scoring a theater production, and has been studying it increasingly ever since. The journey led her to start the Debaucherauntes to express unique takes on the next generation of klezmer and Yiddish song. and muddy the waters in surrounding genres. She currently teaches a small studio of private students on several instruments and disciplines from her community house in Roosevelt, and is active in folk/Americana groups the Pickpocket Revue and St. Judas Stringband, while maintaining an active freelance calendar of classical, jazz, and folk performances and recording and orchestration work. In her rare spare time, she can be found working on weird DIY home improvement projects, fixing her bike, dancing at impossible hours, gardening, or making matzo ball soup rivaling your Bubbe's.